The messages feature works in a similar way to emails but is an internal system within the eSchools platform. Messages can be used to communicate with anyone else at your school that has access to an eSchools account. You’re also able to customize the settings to restrict certain users from messaging each other (i.e. only allow students to message other students in their class or year group).

Pages and their definition:

  • Inbox – The inbox is a collection of all messages you’ve received.
  • Starred – Messages you have chosen to separate out into their own list.
  • Drafts – Messages that you have created and have saved but are yet to be sent.
  • Sent – Messages that have been sent by you to another user or group of users.
  • Trash – Messages you have deleted.
  • Create message – A new message you’re able to send or save as a draft.
  • View and reply – A message that you have received from another user and you’re able to reply to.


  • Adding attachments – To add an attachment to a new message or message reply simply click on (1) and then browse through the local files on your machine. The maximum file upload limit is 100MB for documents, 320MB for videos.
  • Sending messages to groups of users – To send a message to a group of users (i.e. a class, year group or a custom made group) click on the filed marked (2) and begin typing the name of the group. All groups of users matching the text you enter will appear on the screen. Click on the desired group and either add another user or user group or continue to the next step of adding the subject of your new message.
  • Changing the formatting of your new message or message reply – You are able to change the formatting (i.e. the font, size of text, colour, bold etc.) by choosing any of the options from (3).
  • Report a message – Students are able to report a message by clicking the button the ‘Report’ button when viewing a message if they feel that the content or nature of the message is inappropriate. When reporting a message they’re asked to type in the reason for this, which will be sent, along with the message content, to their main teacher. 
  • Bad language filter – When students send new messages or reply to a message, all text the send is passed through the eSchools bad language filter. If any bad language is detected, it’s automatically filtered out and hidden from the recipient(s) and a bad language notification is sent to the student’s main teacher.