The file feature is an easy and safe way of saving important documents without the need for discs and memory sticks. Folders and sub-folders can be created to easily retrieve your files. You can also share your files with other groups of users or anyone else at your school that has access to an eSchools account.

Pages and their definition:

  • My Files – Create and view your uploaded files/folders here.
  • Shared Folders – Any files/folders that have been shared with you will appear here.
  • Trash – Discarded files can be moved to Trash before being permanently deleted.
  • New Folder – Create folders and subfolders here
  • Upload File(s) – Upload the file from your machine onto the platform
  • Change View – view your files/folders as a list or as icons


  • Adding a file – To add a file simply click on ‘My Files’ (1) then click ‘Upload Files’. This will allow you to select from the local files on your machine. The maximum file upload limit is 100MB for documents, 320MB for videos.
  • Adding a folder – To add a folder simply click on ‘New Folder’ (2) and add the name of your new folder in the pop-up window. You will notice that your new folder will appear in the column on the left.
  • Changing how your files are displayed – You can choose how you view your files (either as a list or as icons) by clicking the ‘Change View’ button (3). 
  • Adding a sub-folder – To add a sub-folder, click on the main folder that you wish to add sub folder(s) to (this folder is called a ‘parent folder’). Then click ‘New Folder’ to add a sub-folder to it. You can create as many sub-folders as you wish by repeating this process.

  • Editing or Sharing a file or folder – To edit or share, select the file/folder you wish to change by either right clicking the name of it or clicking on the cog icon  (1). From here, you are able to Rename, Cut, Copy and Share the file as well as moving it to Trash. When selecting Share, you can type in the name(s) of users or groups you wish to share the file with. From there you decide the level of access they have to those files (whether it is ‘View Only’, ‘Add & Edit’ or ‘Hide’). Folders that others have shared with you will appear in the ‘Shared Files’ folder in the left column. If a file has been shared with you, you will receive a notification in the top navigation bar.