Add your events to the calendar and share them with groups or individuals using the eSchools platform. You can also use this facility to add events to your eSchools website. View the calendars of other platform users to make diarizing for events easy.

Pages and their definition:

  • Add Event – Create an event for yourself and others.
  • Add Calendar – Display another colleague's or another group's calendar.


  • Adding an event – To add an event click on the relevant date on the calendar that the event will take place. Then simply fill in the fields on the pop-up window (1).  This event will then appear on the calendar of anyone added as a participant.
  • Adding an event to your website – To add your event to display on the website in addition to other calendars, add ‘Website’ to the Participants field (2).
  • Editing an event – To edit an event on your calendar, click on the event and then click the ‘Edit’ button on the pop-up window. You will only be able to edit certain events.

  • Adding/removing a calendar – You can see a colleague’s events on your calendar to assist when inviting them to an event. To see a colleague’s events click ‘Options’ then ‘Add Calendar’ (3). In the pop-up window type in the name of the person whose calendar you wish to see, choosing a colour to differentiate between their events and yours (4).  To remove their events from your calendar go back to ‘Options’ and remove them from the drop-down menu.