The Letters Home feature enables the school to keep in touch with parents with messages direct to their email inboxes or on the platform when they login. Parents who have downloaded the free Parent App will also receive the message on their mobile or tablet devices. This function takes contact information directly from the school’s MIS, automatically updating your eSchools platform on a regular basis. Letters Home can be sent to individuals or groups of users.

Pages and their definition:

  • Compose – Title and write your message, select participants and use the formatting tools
  • Attach – Add attachments to your message
  • Preview/ Save As Draft/ Cancel – Preview or cancel your message or save it as a draft for future use
  • View Saved/Sent/Scheduled/Trash folders – View previous Letters Home and the participants they went to
  • Review & Send – Edit who your message goes to on the review screen
  • Schedule – Automatically send messages on a future date using the ‘Schedule’ button


  • Compose your Letter Home – Add the names of the individuals or groups that you would like the letter to go to (1) and then select the types of users attached to the recipients you’d like to receive the letter home (2). When writing your letter you are able to change the formatting (i.e. the font, size of text, colour, bold etc.) by choosing any of the options from (3). Preview, cancel and save the message for future use by using the tools at the top.
  • Attach Files – To attach a file simply click on ‘Attach’ (4). This will allow you to select from the local files on your machine. The maximum file upload limit is 100MB for documents, 320MB for videos. Once they’re attached they will appear in (5).

  • Review, Send or Schedule – Click ‘Send Now’ or ‘Schedule’ to choose a date and time for your message to be sent. ‘Send Now’ will take you through to the Review Screen. From here you can quickly view and edit the list of recipients, or filter them by responsibility and priority(6). You can also see the method in which the recipient will receive the Letter Home(7). Recipients without the Parent App or an email address will still be able to see the Letter Home by logging into the platform.