You're able to attach a number of teachers or staff to a class and they're also able to be attached to as many classes as you like. If a member of staff is attached to more than one class, they'll simply be given the option to select what class they'd like to view when they enter the classes or register section of their login area.

To attach staff members to a class, simply follow the steps below.

1. Log in as a user who has access to the CP (Control Panel) option in the navigation bar, hover your mouse over CP and then select 'Classes'.

2. Select the class you'd like to be able to attach a member of staff to by clicking on the name of the class (i.e. Maple).

3. A window will appear on your screen with the classes details, select the 'Members' tab.

4. Within the members tab you'll be able to type in the name of the staff member you'd like to add - it's best at this stage to search by their surname. A selection of names will appear.

5. Click on the name of the member of staff you'd like to add to the class. This user will then appear in the right hand column.