The class homepage is presented to a pupil with when they log into their eSchools account and is a good way of highlighting topics you are covering throughout the term and other additional useful information. Here’s a guide to creating your class homepage.

First go to the ‘Classes’ option in the navigation bar. If you’re only attached to one class you’ll be take straight away to a page which looks like that below. If you’re attached to multiple classes you can choose which you would like to access.  


The Homepage tab (1) is a preview of how pupils in your class will see their class homepage. To make changes to the homepage click on the ‘Set-up’ tab (2). In the Set-up tab you can add a Welcome Message and a Notification for the class

NB. Welcome messages are a more permanent message that can last all term and is seen on the child’s dashboard when they login. Notifications are important messages/information that are highlighted to the student when they login.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to adding content to your class homepage. These options can be found on (3) and are listed in more detail below:

Drawing: Use the drawing tool to add blocks of colour, lines shapes etc. to the page.

Text: The text tool allows you add text and hyperlinks to your homepage. You can change the font, size and colour of the text along with the usual options such as bold, italic, underline etc.

Image: add images, picture links or scrolling galleries by uploading images from your machine’s browser

Video: Choose adding a YouTube or Vimeo video by pasting the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo page, or upload a video stored on your machine. If you upload a video it may take several minutes to turn into a video format that works on a website (this automatically happens behind the scenes on the eSchools platform).

Resource: add a link to an external website or a file to be downloaded.

Embed: add an embeddable video or learning tool by pasting the HTML code 


Editing content: Hover over the item you wish to edit and then click the blue icon (4) that contains a pencil and square. This will then bring up a window where you can add more content or edit the content that’s already there.

Deleting content: Hover over the item you wish to delete and then click the red icon (4) that contains a rubbish bin.

Moving content: All of the content you add to the canvas can be moved around by clicking and holding down on a panel and the dragging them around the canvas. You can also change the size of the panel by dragging the corner (5) in the direction you wish to increase or decrease in size. 

There are also other tabs within the classes section, which are as follows:

● Class List – See a list of the pupils and teachers connected to the class by clicking on the ‘Class  List’ tab. Students will appear on the left of the window and teachers or staff will appear as a list on the right. More options are available to you by clicking on the icons to the right of the pupils’ names. These are: 

o Login as Pupil – click on the Arrow icon to log into the platform as that pupil

o View Attendance – Click on the graph icon to see more information on that pupil’s  attendance 

o View Pupil’s Messages – Click on the Speech Bubble icon to see a pupil’s inbox

o View Pupil’s Files – click on the file icon to see any files that a pupil has uploaded to the  eSchools platform 

o Change Pupil Password – Click on the cog icon, then fill in the fields on the pop-up  screen to change a pupil’s password 

● Discussions – The whole class views Discussions, and everyone has the opportunity to join in  with the dialogue. Click on the ‘Discussions’ tab and add a comment to join a conversation or begin a new one by clicking ‘Add New Discussion’. 

● Register/Projects – Click the ‘Register’ tab or the ‘Projects’ tab to go straight to these features  for the class. (Please see Register page and Projects page for more information)