After logging onto the platform you will arrive at the dashboard, where you will find many of the  features you may need on a day to day basis, such as the calendar, you Inbox and the school attendance. In addition, quick links to external websites can be added to the dashboard. Selected functions for your own user type (e.g. Teacher, Staff, Contact) can be found along the navigation bar (see further solution pages for more information on these). 

Pages and their definition:

● Calendar – see the current month and any forthcoming events at a glance

● Inbox – see recent messages

● Attendance – see an overview of the school’s attendance

● Quick links – have links to external websites added to your dashboard


● Calendar summary – The next 30 days events are available for you to see on the dashboard at a  glance along with the ability to view previous or forthcoming months using the arrows (1)Event that you are attending are signified with a coloured dot on the calendar view and are listed beneath the calendar under ‘Forthcoming Events’ (2). Click on the ‘Calendar’ button (3)  to manage events and see the full view of this module (see Calendar overview for more information). Your daily timetable may also be present if your school uses this feature (see Timetable overview for more information).

● Messages summary - You can see your most recent messages on the dashboard on the right in  the yellow panel. Click the ‘Messages’ button (4) to view your inbox, or the ‘New Message’ button (5) to begin composing a new message (see Messages page for more information). 

● Access Quick Links – Quick Links can be added via the CP function, which is usually managed by  the school administrator (see CP page for more information). Click on the links available to go directly to the website provided (6).