With eDinners, a teacher can take a dinner register alongside an attendance register. From the  admin panel, you can set specific Meal Types, set default options for students and print off a report for kitchen staff. Schools with the ePay function will also be able to set eDinners as a cost for parents to pay for them online. 

Sections and their definition:

● Meal Types – Set new meals for the dinner register

● View Class Lists – see your classes lunch requirements

● View Top Debtors – see a list of the top debtors

● Reporting – Print a report for your Kitchen Staff


● Meal Types – Click the ‘Meal Types’ button to add/edit specific types of meal to display on a  dinner register. In the new window, view the current meal types listed; use the blue edit button on the right of each meal type to make changes (1). Delete meal types by clicking on the check box to the left of each one and clicking the ‘Delete Meal Type’ button. Click ‘Add Meal Type’ to add a new option to the list. Fill in the fields that appear in the pop-up window, including the Short Code field (this is how the meal type will display on a Dinner Register).

● View Registers by Class/Set Default Meals – On the eDinners dashboard, each clash will be  listed. From here you can see the current Dinner Register and set Default Meals. Click ‘Dinner Register’ to see a list of the students and their meal selection (2). You can amend choices, and see previous registers from here. To set default meals click the ‘Default Meals’ button (3).Here, you can set default meals quickly for children who regularly have the same option. 

● Reporting – View a daily report for the dinners selected (4). You will see an overview calculating the numbers of each specific meal type chosen. For more information, check the ‘Include classes?’ box to see which students have selected which meal (1). Click the ‘Print Page’  button to print the report to go to your Kitchen Staff.