The process of scheduling appointments for a Parents Evening is faster and easier using the  eSchools platform. The Parents Evening Booking function is an easy way for parents to book appointments with teachers. Using the eSchools platform, parents can view available appointment slots, select a time and print a schedule. Teachers can actively see whom they are scheduled to meet and reminders can be sent to parents who have not yet scheduled a time. 

Sections and their definition:

● Add Event – Set dates for Parent Evenings

● View/Edit/Delete Events – Manage your Parent Evening events

● View Current/Past Events – See previous or forthcoming Parent Evening events

● Generate Reports – print a schedule of your appointments

● Send Reminders – Remind parents to make an appointment via email or text


● Add Event – To add a new event that you require parent’s to book appointments for, click ‘Add  Event’. One event can take place over a number of days if you wish. Fill in the relevant details, selecting a layout – this can be either a ‘table’ view (ideal for Primary Schools) or accordion view (for secondary schools or students in multiple classes). 

● View/Edit/Delete Events – On the initial Parents Evening Booking System window, your events  will be listed. Click on these events to see further information on the students whose parents have been asked to book an appointment. Use the tabs to filter the names of those who have or haven’t booked (1). You can also manually enter a time on a parent’s behalf by clicking on  the blue edit button (2)

● Send Reminders – For Current Events listed on the initial page, or on the individual event  screen you will find the ‘Send Reminder’ button (3). Click here to send a reminder to all parents who have not yet responded via email or text. 

● Generate Reports – Admin users, Teachers and Parents can print a report listing their appointments using the ‘Generate Report’ button. For Admin Users this button appears at the top of each event screen (4).