The Notifications function will keep you informed of correspondence within the platform. Here you  will see Events that you have been added to by others and Files that have been shared with you. Teachers will also be notified of Homework once it has been submitted. Admin staff can see new users and their passwords if these have been added to your school’s MIS (Management Information System). 

Pages and their definition:

● View Notifications – See your new notifications

● Homework Submitted – Teachers can see the status of homework set

● Events you’re added to – See events that a colleague has invited you to

● Files shared with you – See files a colleague has shared with you

● User login details – see details of any new user added to the school’s MIS


View Notifications – Click on the ‘i’ icon on your navigation bar to see your Notifications; a  new notification will be highlighted as a number by this icon (1). Once the icon has been clicked, a drop down menu will appear with your most recent notifications. Click ‘View all Notifications’ at the bottom of this menu for more information.

● Homework Submitted – Teachers will have a specific homework tab. Submitted homework will appear here (2)

● Events you’re added to – A list of events that you have been added to will appear in the tab (3).

● Files shared with you – Any files or folders that have been shared with you will be listed in the tab (4)

● User login details – New users added to the school’s MIS (i.e. SIMS, Integris) such as pupils,  teachers or contacts will be automatically added to your eSchools Platform. To find their new usernames and passwords click on the tab (5). You will be able to download an excel sheet. This tab is usually only available to administrators.