Save time by taking your register electronically on the eSchools platform. This data will populate  your school’s MIS system* automatically. To activate your registers please inform eSchools of the opening and closing times of your morning and afternoon registers. This generates a countdown so that late children cannot be marked as present. 

*Excludes Integris

Pages, features and their definition:

● Take the attendance register – mark a child present or absent.

● View Individual Attendance – see a pupil’s attendance on a month-by-month basis.

● Add Notes – Add specific notes relating to the pupils’ attendance.


● Change Status of Pupil Attendance – Pupils can be marked as present as a default, making the  taking of attendance much quicker for teachers. If necessary, the registers can be blank for teachers who would prefer to mark students individually. To change an attendance mark, click the drop-down menu in the ‘Status’ column (1) and choose the relevant code/symbol. 

● View Individual Attendance – Click on the bar chart symbol (2) to see an individual’s attendance. A pop-up window will appear showing you their attendance on a month-by-month basis. Click the left and right arrow buttons to see information on previous months.

● Add Notes – Add information on a particular child’s attendance in the notes column (3).

● Cancel/Save register – Click the cancel button at the bottom of the window to reset the page  or click save register (4). The information will then populate the school’s MIS automatically when the register closes. It is important to note that unless you save the register at least once the information will not be saved (you can edit and save the register as many times as you like while the register is open). 

Registers within the eSchools platform quickly and easily populate your MIS. However you may need to also take a record of attendance in case of fire or for a number of other reasons (power cuts, internet issues, MIS issues etc). It is also handy to have for school trips or for covering supply teachers to use. With this in mind we advise that classes take a portable Fire Register, as well as using the eSchools Register. 

The best way for classes to do this is to have a laminated list of the pupils, where you can quickly  mark any absentees with a whiteboard pen, or chinagraph pencil. Attach the list to a clipboard that hangs on the back of the door, so you always know where it is.

Below is an example of how your Fire Register could look: