Create areas for other groups such as after school clubs or sports activities. Within these areas you  can set up a unique group page, begin discussions and assign projects, just as you can with classes. The initial Groups window will display your groups into chunky buttons, so that you can keep details for each group separate; perfect for teachers involved with multiple groups. 

Pages and their definition:

● Homepage/ Set up – Create a homepage for your class

● Group List – See the teachers/students connected to the class

● Discussions – Engage your group in a discussion

● Projects – Quick link to the Projects set for your group


● Homepage/ Set up – The ‘Homepage’ tab will display how the students will see their group  homepage. To make changes to the homepage click on the ‘Set-up’ tab. Here, you can add a Welcome Message and a Notification (which appears for the student as highlighted text to denote an important message). The Home Page Canvas is what the student will see. Use the tools at the top of the canvas to add elements to your class page. These tools include: 

o Drawing – Use the drawing tool to add lines, shapes etc.

o Text – Use the text tool to add text and hyperlinks to your homepage

o Image – add images, picture links or scrolling galleries by uploading images from your  machine’s browser 

o Video – add videos, either via a YouTube or Vimeo URL or uploading a video stored on  your machine 

o Resource – add a link to an external website or a file to be downloaded.

o Embed – add an embeddable video or learning tool by pasting the HTML code

All elements can be dragged around the canvas; so that you can layout your group homepage however you wish. 

● Group List – See a list of the students and teachers connected to the class by clicking on the  ‘Group List’ tab. Students will appear on the left of the window and teachers or staff will appear as a list on the right. 

● Discussions – The whole group views Discussions, and everyone has the opportunity to join in  with the dialogue. Click on the ‘Discussions’ tab and add a comment to join a conversation or begin a new one by clicking ‘Add New Discussion’. 

● Projects – Click the ‘Projects’ tab to go straight to these features for the group. (See Projects  page for more information).