Create a homework quickly using the Homework function. Homework can be assigned to classes  and attached to existing projects or you can create a completely independent homework. When a student completes homework, the panel on the dashboard will inform the teacher that there is a new assignment to mark. 

Pages and their definition:

● View Assignments – View all assignments created

● View specific Assignments – View Homework, the students that it has been assigned to and  the status of the homework on a per student basis. 

● New Assignment – Create a new assignment for a class or group, either independently or  attached to a project. 


● View existing Assignments – Any existing assignment will display in this table. Filter  between Current and Completed assignments using the buttons (1). Delete or edit any assignment by checking the box by an assignment title and clicking the Action button (2). Click on the title of an assignment to see more details.

● View specific Assignments – A list of students that the chosen Homework has been  assigned to will appear. View the status of the Homework in the table, displaying ‘Not Started’, ‘Submitted’ or ‘Marked’ (1). Once a student has submitted Homework, it can be viewed by clicking on the student’s name.

● New Assignment – Fill in the fields to create Homework. Select a class or a group from the  drop-down menu (1). Select an existing project or ‘N/A’ to create a wholly independent homework (2). Add attachments by clicking the ‘Add Resources’ button. Select which students are assigned to the Homework by checking the box by each name.