Using the Shortcuts function at the bottom of each page of the platform, a user can quickly  navigate to favourite pages. Clicking on a created shortcut will go directly to the page. 

Pages and their definition:

● Add a Shortcut using the panel on any screen

● Edit Shortcuts – Remove any shortcut from the panel


● Add a particular page as a shortcut, by ensuring that the chosen page is on your screen  then clicking on the ‘Action’ button on the Shortcuts panel (1). From the drop-down menu, select ‘Add page as shortcut’ and assign a name to it in the pop up window. The new Shortcut will appear in the panel at the bottom of every page. 

● Edit Shortcuts – To remove a shortcut, click on the ‘Action’ button and select ‘Edit  Shortcuts’ from the drop-down menu. On the following page, remove a shortcut by clicking the delete button to right of each entry (2).