You can add multiple user types to a user, allowing them to access teacher modules (e.g Projects) as well as admin modules (e.g CP) from the same account, which means they’ll only need to remember one username and password. 

To add extra user types for a user:

1) Login to eSchools as an Admin

2) Hover over ‘CP’ and click ‘Users’ 

3) Search for the user you want to add extra user types to 

4) Click their name – a pop-up screen should appear. 

5) Click the eSchools settings tab 

6) Hold down the ‘CTRL’ key and click the type you’d like to add, in this case ‘Administrators’ 

7) Now both ‘Teachers’ and ‘Administrators’ should be highlighted. 

8) Click ‘Save Changes’ 

When the user logs in, they’ll be prompted with a screen asking them whether they’d like to user their teacher account or administrator account. Once they login as the administrator account, they will see all admin modules, such as ‘CP’.