1. Sync with your school data

A member of the Services team will ensure that the data held in your MIS (the school database) mirrors the data within the eSchools platform

The eSchools platform integrates with your school’s MIS (SIMs, Integris etc.), so it may be necessary to install the required software before you can begin to use it. This is an important stage as an installation will bring across information from the MIS to the eSchools platform. Schools may have a local MIS (hosted by the school) or the MIS may be hosted by the local authority. Using remote access, our Support team can quickly complete this task, and afterwards the eSchools platform will be ready to use.

Please arrange a time for your installation with the Support Team.


Once installed your eSchools platform will synchronise with your MIS on a daily basis, so you will not need to update the information on eSchools (this happens automatically). Any information you add to the MIS will be available on the eSchools platform the next morning.

SIMS Updates & Major IT Changes

Your MIS is likely to do an update regularly throughout the year. This will rarely affect the connection to eSchools, however a change to the main server could affect the ongoing transfer of information from the MIS to eSchools. Turning off, upgrading or moving an MIS server could disrupt the connection, and cause a problem with attendance data displayed on eSchools. It is easy for our Support team to restart the connection, but it may be some time before the issue is noticed. If you are changing your IT systems, upgrading a server or turning off your main MIS machine at the end of each term, please let our Support team know.

Your Integration with the MIS

Users on the eSchools platform are created via the data contained within your MIS (most commonly SIMs). Therefore the information is only as good as the data stored in your MIS. Please be aware of this, as anomalies on eSchools can often be traced back to an error within the MIS.

2. Provide amazing training

Book in a date for a trainer. This could be with you in the school or remotely using the telephone/screen sharing software.

For schools using the Platform, we can offer in-school or remote training for your staff. A member of the Services team will be in touch to arrange a date suitable for your school or you can contact us directly if you have a specific date in mind. Particular times of the year (especially September) can be busier than others, so be sure to fix a date early. Call the Support team on 0845 557 7056 to book a date.

Individual login details for teachers will be sent to you via post immediately after the installation, so that your staff can have a look at the platform prior to the training. At eSchools the security of logins is taken very seriously, so please let our support team know that you have received this message as soon as possible. We may need to reset logins if we have not heard from you.

The eSchools platform is intuitive and easy to use, but there is a lot to see at the start. You are entitled to an initial face-to-face session with a trainer as part of your introduction to the eSchools platform, so that each function can be explained to you. Training sessions are designed to be easy to follow and enjoyable, but as each school is different it is worth thinking carefully about your training so that we can tailor a specific training package for you.

To assist with this, you will also be sent a Training Checklist, which details the various functions for you to decide which ones you need covered in the Training session.

Build skills through term-defined training
There are a lot of different functions on the eSchools and, as a school, you may want to consider the ways in which you use them. A good idea is to roll the eSchools functions out gradually to your users, perhaps building confidence over the first year. A roll out programme can be discussed and designed specifically for the school.

Confirming and re-arranging training

Your eSchools trainer will give you a courtesy call to confirm the training. This is likely to be a week before the agreed training date. You may wish to use this opportunity to confirm the functions you need covered in the training session. If you need to cancel your training, please ensure that you give as much notice as possible as a trainer could already be enroute to you. Training cancelled with less than 48 hours may result in your next session being charged for. If eSchools need to cancel the training, every effort will be made to ensure a new training date is found as soon as possible.

3. Look after you

eSchools provides complete support after training to ensure that you are using the platform to its fullest