eSchools provide high quality websites that offer you control over the content within. You also have the opportunity to liaise with our design team and ensure that the background of the website is unique and attractive. There are two different website packages we offer:

Standard Websites

These are easy to use, with a fixed template to which you add your own pages and categories. The homepage on a standard website includes an area to add text, images, a Twitter feed, links to News articles, Newsletters and forthcoming events can all be added to the homepage.

Premium Websites

As well as having a unique background design, a premium website offers you the opportunity to give your website a unique homepage layout as well. See the list of possible features below.

Both standard and premium websites use our CMS (‘Content Management System’), an editing system which allows you complete control over some of the images, text and resources that you wish to add to the website. The layout of the CMS mirrors the layout of a Standard Website, so please be aware of this if you opt to go for a Premium Website as the public and the editor view may differ considerably.

You may not know where to start when thinking about your website; which pages to add? What are Ofsted looking for? How do we monitor who sees the site? These questions all refer to Content, which will be covered within the training. Content includes things such as categories, pages, text, images - all of which can be added by the school. Here is the Content area:


The Design is quite different and refers to the background area. This is a fixed image and through liaison with our team, you can have a unique design that sells your school. The design area can be seen here:


You will notice that your design could come down the sides of the content box as well if preferred. Most modern home computers, laptops and tablets have a wide screen and will be able to see the design around the content box. Be aware that if you are viewing the website on a small or square monitor you may not be able to see the whole design. The central content box is set to display regardless of the size of the monitor; please see illustration below.

 Optimum screen.jpg

The background design can reflect your school; do you want a corporate look, child-friendly feel or something that includes images of your school? You may wish to include a school motto or mission statement. Our design team can send you a range of examples of some of our previous websites for inspiration.


Premium Website Feature List

A language translator, drop-down menus and a search option are included with both the Premium and Standard website, but here is a list of additional features that can be included on your Premium website:

  • Fixed Categories The number of categories across the navigation bar can be limited to ensure your website does not become overcrowded

  • Animations Waving children? Moving clouds? Flying birds? We can add simple animations to the home page of your website.

  • Internal Links Are there key pages within your website? Links to these can be added to your homepage.

  • External Links Are there specific websites that you need visitors to go to? Links to community websites, partnership schools or awards bodies can be added to your homepage. Consider the benefit of adding links to your DfE page, Ofsted report or Parent View page.

  • Important Notice  A specific notice or warning box for text can be included on the homepage for times when the school is closed. Text can also scroll left to right, ‘ticker tape’ style.

  • House Point Totals Feature the rolling totals of your house points on the homepage

  • Social Media Twitter feeds or links to Facebook pages or other social media platforms can be added.

  • News News articles on other pages can feed through as quick links on the homepage. You can specify how many links appear here.

  • Newsletters/Downloadable Items You may wish to add an area with which to add downloadable items such as Newsletters on your homepage.

  • Welcome Message A welcome message from the head teacher may be included on your homepage.

  • Calendar A calendar display with forthcoming events can be added.

  • School Motto Mottos, prayers or mission statements can be included on your homepage

  • Scrolling Galleries (sizes for photos can vary) Scrolling galleries of images can be added, where you can edit and add photos as you need to. This homepage panel can be any size, so you can specify this at the design stage.

Decide which features you require and where you need them on the homepage. Consider which items need to be visible for the public when initially opening the homepage and which can be revealed as you scroll further down.

Website Design Process

1. Consult: Once you have had a look at the examples, please send your ideas to us.  If you require an illustration of the school or another local feature, please provide photographs for us to use as a guide. If you want to include a school logo or images to use in the design, ensure that these are high quality. The more information we have from you the better the first draft will be.

2. Design: eSchools will send a draft within 7 days, after which amends can be made (three sets of amends for free – at eSchools’ discretion, any after that may be chargeable).

3. Build: Once the design has been agreed and signed off, the website is built and made live (Premium websites may take a little longer to build depending on the functions specified).

  1. 4. Care: You will be given full training on how to add content to your website. This can be part of the face to face training mentioned earlier in this pack or remotely when a trainer calls the school to talk you through the process. The website might take a little time design, so do not let this deter you from booking training for the platform as tuition for the website can always take place at a later date. You do not need to wait for the design to be completed, as this is simply a skin that sits over the top and does not affect any content you add.