With eSchools, parents are also entitled to a login, so they can keep up to date with their child’s progress and receive updates from the school. Because the Parent login is behind a password protected server, it is a much safer environment to send information rather than posting things on your website, which can be seen by all members of the public. We encourage customers to distribute passwords to parents as this encourages all parties to use the platform and improves communications between contacts and schools.

Parents will also need a username and password with which to use the Parent App; use of the parent app will also save the school money when using the text sender service. See details on the Text Sender function for more information.

You may wish to roll out the eSchools platform to your users incrementally, ensuring that your teachers and administrators are comfortable with using it before distributing passwords to pupils and parents.

When getting ready to distribute passwords to parents you may which to use the attached letter to announce the platform launch. For ease, eSchools can mail merge the username and passwords for priority contacts for schools to distribute.