The eSchools platform is intuitive and easy to use, but there is a lot to see at the start. You are entitled to an initial face-to-face session with a trainer as part of your introduction to the eSchools platform, so that each function can be explained to you. Training sessions are designed to be easy to follow and enjoyable, but as each school is different it is worth thinking carefully about your training so that we can tailor a specific training package for you. 

Schools are advised to consider the time frame in which to roll out the eSchools to all of the different user types. You may wish to ensure that your teachers are comfortable with the functions before giving pupils a login, and you might ensure that pupils are familiar with eSchools before rolling out the platform to parents.

Another good way to ensure that teachers are not too overloaded by the eSchools platform would be to roll-out individual functions on a term by term basis.

Build skills through term-defined training
There are a lot of different functions on the eSchools and, as a school, you may want to consider the ways in which you use them. A good idea is to roll the eSchools functions out gradually to your users, perhaps building confidence over the first year. A roll out programme can be discussed and designed specifically for the school. This is an example of how a termly plan could work:

Term 1: School receives training in school and initial functions are agreed (perhaps calendar, files, registers and class pages for teachers). Admin and Teaching staff are encouraged to use and become familiar with the platform in the weeks following. Admin staff can use this time to ensure information in their MIS is correct and begin to use some of the tools (CP and perhaps calendar, files and the communication tools).

Term 2: School receives a remote training refresher session on some of the further functions such as Messages and Staff Chat as well as Groups and Homework for teachers). Pupils receive logins and begin to use the platform).

Term 3: School rolls out remaining functions including Parent’s Evening and Projects for teachers. Governors receive logins and begin to use the platform. Parents receive logins and download the parent app.

You can discuss a roll-out plan with a member of the eSchools team, or liaise with your Trainer when they visit your school.