Teachers may, now and again, need to know what a pupil can see. Be aware that a student cannot hide any information from you - you can see a child's files and messages within your own login. However, to assist your class when login, or ensuring that your class page looks as attractive to your class as it does for you, a pupil view can be incredibly helpful. To do this go to Classes, and select the tab marked 'Class List'. Here, you'll see the pupils listed on the left hand side - use the icons listed to see more information on that child including their messages, attendance and files.

To login as a specific pupil, click on the 'arrow' icon next to the child in question.

Be aware that to log back in as a teacher, you'll have to log out as a pupil first by clicking on the red 'X' in the top left hand side. This is due to security reasons to ensure that you are not logged into multiple accounts.