We want to work with your school so that you have a website you can be proud of. We understand that if you have a website with us for a long time, you are going to want to make minor alterations to the background. We will try to do these without charge when we can but on occasion the time spent and programmes used to make these alterations mean that they may incur a charge. Please be aware of this if your school changes name or logo.

There are several things that can be done while you wait but if we need to change a logo or the way your name or school motto appears on your website we will need to schedule it in with one of our designers. Below is a typical step-by-step guide of the process we use

  1. Request made through our services team
  2. Services team member discusses changes with designer
  3. Designer schedules it in based on an internal priority list (we will try to get the change made by the following Friday at the latest).
  4. Work is completed by the designer and shown to the services team for checking
  5. Updates are published
  6. School is contacted to make them aware that the changes have been made.

There is a minimum charge for minor changes. If it is anything more than this, you will be quoted the full figure and asked for approval before the work is started.