How long does the design process take?

Quite often, the length of the process depends on how quickly we can get the initial information from you. The sooner we have this, the sooner we can get a draft to you.

Can we keep our existing website address?

Yes, once you have added content to the new site, we can give you information on how to redirect the address to point to the new website.

What if we don’t like the first draft?

It is important to get the initial brief right first to avoid a complete redesign. Amends to an initial draft can be made, but if the whole design needs to change, we may need to charge for the time taken to produce the first draft. You can always discuss this with the Services team before too much work is done on a design.

Should we involve Governors in the design process?

That is dependant on the school. All parties that need a say in the design should make their voice heard as early as possible, so that their views do not conflict with the initial design.

What happens to our old website?

Your new website will appear with an eSchools web address (for example You can use this address if you wish, but if you have an existing address, you may wish to redirect it to the new website - this way you don’t need to change letterheads and stationery that may include it. Once it has been redirected, your old website will no longer exist, so it is important to remove any necessary information beforehand.

Can we make changes once it has gone live?

Yes, although changes incur a cost; consider this when using photographs as part of your design. Photographs of children are great, but eventually they will leave the school and that photograph will need to be replaced.