What will parents be able to do on the platform?

The platform is a place for them to receive information; they will be able to see what their child is learning and garner any information sent to them from Administrators. You may wish to give them other functions such as the Parents Evening Booking System (to book appointments online) and Messages (so they can directly contact a teacher or administrator).

Will parents see details on all the children?

No, if a parent has Parental Responsibility for a child, they will be able to view the class page, homework and attendance relating to them only.

We don’t want parents to use some of the functions…

Most functions can be turned on or off for parents. Your trainer will demonstrate how an administrator can easily disable certain parts of the platform.

How do parents receive their login details?

Logins for contacts can be found within the platform as this data is brought across from your MIS. eSchools can merge this data into a letter for ease of distribution. Your trainer will explain this in more detail.

What happens when a parent cannot login?

A parent will be able to request a new password from the login screen, however they will need to provide data which will be checked against the data they have in your MIS, to ensure they are who they say they are. Our Support team will not distribute new logins to parents over the phone as this could potentially be a security risk; in this instance parents will be redirected to the school.

Will parents need training?

Parents are unlikely to require training, as the majority of the functions that they have access to are self-explanatory. However, specific YouTube videos are available to them, which provide all the tuition they will need.