How much does training cost?

Your first training session is free, but there may be a charge for further sessions. Please see ‘Further Training’ below. Splitting sessions (whereby your administrators are trained on one date and your teachers are trained on another), may also incur a cost.

Can we book further training later?

Yes, please see the options for ‘Further Training’ below

Does everyone need to be involved in training?

No, but having an understanding of how your school plans to roll out the platform is preferable. Certainly having some key people present is beneficial. Consider appointing a member of your staff as the lead for eSchools as they can drive the use of the platform, adding features gradually rather than overwhelming all of your staff with all modules on day one. They lead can liaise with the trainer before the training to ensure that the relevant material is covered. Explain what systems you currently use, which are likely to be replaced by eSchools and which you intend to continue using. There may be functions that you know your staff are unlikely to use (in the short term); a conversation with your trainer can be arranged to talk these through and turn them off ready for training.

We’re part of a trust/cluster - can we have training together?

Absolutely, this can be arranged when selecting a training date.

Can training be delivered remotely rather than face to face?

Yes, see the ‘remote training’ options under ‘Further Training’ below

We’re having a website - do we need to wait until that has been designed first?

Not at all. Platform training can be delivered first and website training can be delivered remotely at a later date.

Further Training

As the eSchools platform is easy to use, you are unlikely to need regular training. A range of helpful videos are available on YouTube, detailing the range of functions on the eSchools platform. See these here:

However, if you feel you need some further advice or top-up training there are a number of options available to you:

  • Regional Training: Throughout the year, regional training is conducted to assist with groups of schools. These could take place at a school or IT facility near you. These are usually ideal for new members of staff, or teachers that may need a refresher. To find out about regional training near you, please check the eSchools website or contact us.

  • Remote Training: Your school can book remote training, where an eSchools trainer can instruct your staff over the internet (using screen sharing software such as Join.Me or Skype). This is free and can be booked by calling our Services team.

  • Additional Training: We can also provide an additional training session, whereby a trainer can come to the school to deliver tuition in person. Please be aware that there is an additional cost for this; contact our services team for more information.